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Emergency Case

If you need a doctor urgently outside of medicenter opening hours.
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What to Expect

Arriving At The Office

When a patient comes to our office, they will be seen by Dr. Paolo Fedi - a medical doctor, board certified in Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology - and his experienced associates.

On arrival you will meet Melissa or Stephanie. They are there to guide and prepare you through a medical consultation.

The paperwork you’ll have to fill out is very limited. You will be asked to review and confirm that your personal information previously provided is correct. You will also review our office policies and provide a signature to acknowledge that you are in agreement. We will not ask for any medical information in the waiting room. In most cases when an appointment is made, a referral has already been given to our office from your Primary Care Physician. So, most of your personal and medical information is already available to us.

Be sure when arriving at the office you’ve brought the following with you:

  • Prepare Medications List w/ Dosage & Condition for which it’s Prescribed
  • Current INSURANCE CARD every time.
  • Review & Acknowledge our Office Policy before arriving. (add link to Office Policy form also linked below)
  • List of Primary Care Physicians & Any Other Doctors Involved in Your Care w/ All Contact Information.

We try to limit your waiting time as much as possible. But, in case you need to wait before being seen by Dr. Fedi, please enjoy our cozy waiting area. Our greeter may entertain you, show you our website, and help you log in to our patient portal.

Due to HIPAA regulations, we cannot speak to anyone about your medical care without your express permission.

In The Exam Room

In the examination room, your medical history will be reviewed by a Medical Assistant and updated if necessary. We will check your height, weight, and basic vitals and ask you to confirm all medications you’re currently taking.

If you are coming to Beaumont for a second opinion, have all your documents available to us before your office consultation to ensure your appointment time is used efficiently. If it is not possible to get them to us prior to the appointment, be certain to bring them with you to you appointment and give them to the medical assistant to be included in your chart.

Dr. Fedi will review your current medical issues, review your past medical records, exam your current health, and provide you with an initial recommendation for proper care.

If a procedure, radiologic examination, or blood work is required, it will be set up by a medical assistant who will also collect your copay as required by your insurance plan.

We look forward to helping better your gastrointestinal health at Beaumont!